Chancel Primary School
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Headteacher: Tina Blankley
Wolseley Road, Rugeley, Staffordshire WS15 2EW
Developing the citizens of tomorrow through the best Education of today.

Social, Moral, Spiritual & Cultural

What Ofsted says…

“Behaviour is super and the school day runs smoothly. Pupils look out for one another and are quick to help if someone is unsure or upset about anything. At lunchtime, pupils remember their manners and older pupils give a helping hand to the younger ones.

Indeed, kind behaviour is the norm and special sessions, which often happen on a boat in the school grounds, help pupils to think about their actions affect others. They are taught how to spot bullying and say staff would stop it if it happened. Staff treat pupils fairly and know everyone’s names. They notice and reward helpful behaviour and no one shouts.
October 2019

What is SMSC and why is the teaching of it important?

Religious Education/Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Development

SMSC plays an important part at Chancel Primary in helping our pupils to have a knowledge and understanding of the importance of being part of a diverse society. It enables them to identify and show empathy at the views and opinions of people whose beliefs and values differ from their own. It also provides space for young people to reflect on their ideas and develop their thoughts about questions of meaning and ethics

Our aims are:

Through RE and SMSC fostering a strong cultural capital and personal development in our children (increasing participation in learning about the diversity that represents modern Britain [e.g. Derby Faith Trail]) and adopting Discovery RE scheme of work, which delivers age related lessons, Chancel strives to ensure pupils’ attainment in core and foundation subjects are in line with, or exceeding, their age related expectations when we consider the starting points of children.

Taking part in high quality lessons and workshops, the impact on pupils will help them become rounded characters with clear understanding of ways to explore the relationship between beliefs, teachings and world issues. They will also be able to express insights into their own and others’ views on fundamental questions of identity and belonging, meaning, purpose and truth.

The pupils’ critical thinking skills will be developed; their motivation to learn increased, and their knowledge and understanding of, and empathy with people and their beliefs, religious or otherwise, will be enhanced. This approach takes very seriously the philosophy the pupils are free to make their own choices and decisions concerning religion and belief. RE does not try to persuade but rather inform and develop the skills with which evaluation can take place.


Open The Book Assembly

We are extremely lucky to have forged such strong links with St Augustine’s Church. Members of St Augustine’s visit school regularly to deliver assemblies to our children, bringing some of the wonderful stories from The Bible to life.


Cultural Corner

At Chancel we have our very own Cultural Corner full of multicultural images, fiction and non-fiction texts, instruments and artefacts from around the world.

Children are encouraged to choose cultural texts and artefacts from the Cultural Corner to share and discuss with their peers.


British Values

Our school reflects British values in all that we do.  We aim to nurture our children on their journey through life so they can grow into safe, caring, democratic, responsible and tolerant adults who make a positive difference to British society and to the world. We encourage our children to be creative, unique, open-minded and independent individuals, respectful of themselves and of others in our school, our local community and the wider world.